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Lekkie Buzz Bars double offset 160mm black V2.1

Lekkie Buzz Bars double offset 160mm black V2.1

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Lekkie Buzz Bars (offset) 160 mm for Bafang BBS01-BBS02-HD

This BUZZ BAR set is asymmetric to correct the Q-Factor issue that the Bafang BBS motors create. The left crank has 15.6mm more offset than the right crank.

Precision CNC cut from forged 6061 heat treated aluminium to bring ultimate stiffness and confidence to your ride.

Designed using optimisation software to ensure maximum strength with minimum weight, achieving twice the strength of the stock Bafang cranks.

We offer different BUZZ BAR variations to match your drive motor and obtain ideal Q-factor. This set is tailored to provide the best setup on Bafang BBS motors BBS01/BBS02/BBS HD

Finish Anodised Black

Length 160mm

Offset 15.6 mm

Drive: Square Taper

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