Bafang Max Drive

Bafang MAXimum speed

Light, powerful and extremely durable - the classic M400 drive system is rated at 250 W.

The Max Drive is programmed for normal and S-Pedelecs and delivers a torque of 40 to 80Nm depending on the voltage. Like comparable drives, the Max Drive also weighs just under 4 kg.

The motor is supplied in various versions to manufacturers such as Fischer, NCM, Prophete, etc. These are then mainly reduced or changed according to the manufacturer's instructions in accordance with Pedelec guidelines.

We offer the motors with UART protocol (programmable) with up to 80 Nm torque and 3.9 kg weight. These requirements correspond to family cargo bikes or modern touring eBikes and offer its drivers harmonious, reliable e-support over the long term.

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