Bafang - Max Drive Systeme MM G 330.

Our MM.G.330 Max Drive series from 250W - 350W

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Light, powerful and extremely durable are the key qualities of the classic M.330 and M400 drive system. With 250W rated power output, 80Nm of torque and a weight of just 3.9kg, it is perfectly adapted to the needs of family-oriented eCargo or modern touring eBikes, consistently providing riders with harmonious and dependable support (80Nm!). Long tours lose their terror and become a real treat. This extremely powerful mid-engine is very versatile. It is suitable for use in pedelecs for long, flat stretches such as city traffic or tours as well as for mountainous and demanding routes. Thanks to its constant speed and the low gear ratio (1: 33.4), it can develop its power efficiently. It has a high torque of 80 Nm and thus provides optimal support when starting from a standstill. Its low weight contributes to a high level of driving comfort. It is available in black.
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