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Bafang MM.G340 BBS02 /B 48V 500W-750W

Bafang BBS02 48V 500W - 750W Mid-drive Motor-Conversion Kits

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Bafang BBS01 + BBS02 Mid-drive motor kit

All of our delivered motors have Anderson plugs for the power connection, an additional switch sensor connection and a switchable 6V light connection via the display!

Note: Bafang motor kits are offered by various dealers on the market, please inquire about the equipment (hardware and software) of the package before making a purchase, make sure the accessories such as Displays, programming cables, etc. are original.! Please also note whether the applicable VAT is included.

  • BBS + Mid-drive motor: 1 pc.
  • with selectable color display and Chainring: one pc each.
  • Brake lever: 2 pcs.
  • Thumb throttle (right / left mountable): 1 pc.
  • Cable connector (Water resistant): 1 pc.
  • Speed sensor incl. Magnet: 1 pc.
  • Crank arms left/right 1 Pair (2pcs.)
  • Attachment adapter: 1 pc.
  • Main harness: 1 pc.
  • Additional components: 
  • M5*10: 5 pcs.
  • M6*12: 2 pcs.
  • M33 : 2 pcs.
  • ST 3.9: 5 pcs. We offer you 

Be cautious about offers from unknown suppliers on marketplaces like Amazon / EBay / Classifieds where articles are advertised without VAT (own import etc.), with none or very complicated exchange, hardly repair support! Often the season is already over before it has started!

Since 2014 we sell Bafang mid-drive motors (original goods) with the legal warranty claims!

We would also like to point out that various important factors for installation should be considered !!! 

Certainly there is the right Bafang bottom bracket motor for almost every bike, MTB's trekking or fatbikes. However, since many factors are important in the installation as well as the frames, especially for e.g. Fatbikes which are not standardized, it is hardly possible to determine the right engine without exact knowledge of various dimensions.  

The most important dimensions:

  • the bottom bracket shell Tretlagergehäuse (width, Inner and outer dimension)
  • the gears
  • the chain line
  • the rim re the tyre
  • the hub re the spokes

We will gladly explain to you how our motors with special width are installed and define the necessary aluminum adapters and possibly other aids, however, the dimensions must be specified by you.

Please note that e-bikes are subject to authorization! The mid-drive motors from our range do not all meet the German Road Traffic Act - StVO and therefore do not apply when used as pedelecs. After a conversion you should visit an inspection center and have your bike checked.

We will gladly assist you with supporting videos and instructions and we are pleased about every well (gut) modified bike (rad)!

Your GutRad Support


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