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Bafang MM.G340 BBS01/B 48V 750W Mid Drive Motor

Bafang MM.G340 BBS02 48V 750W Mittelmotor Umbausatz

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Bafang MM.G340 BBS02 48V 750W Mid-motor conversion kit 

inluded in the delivery:

  • BBS02/B Mid-Drive Motor
  • Brake levers: 2pcs.
  • Cable connector (impermeable to splash water): 
  • Cranks 170mm left/right 1pair  (2pcs.)
  • Fixed adapter: 1pcs.
  • Additional mounting components:          

  • M5*10: 5pcs.
  • M6*12: 2pcs.
  • M33: 2pcs.
  • St.3.9: 5pcs.

Please take note: E-Bikes are subject to authorization! The mid-motors from our range do not meet all the German StVO requirements. Therefore they are not clasified as Pedelecs. Once you have completed the conversion, you shoud have your bike checked by a testing center.

Technical Data:

1. Voltage: 48V
2. Power: 750W
3. Motor Weight: 4.2kgs
4. BB Length: 68mm (Suitable for 68mm length BB Bike Modification)
5. Working Temperature of Dsplay: - 20℃- 80℃.
6. Waterproof Grade: IP65


Voltage 48V
Current Limit 25A
Motor Weight 4.2kgs
No-load Value Rated Value Max Value
Current(A) Speed
Output Power
Max Torque
1.8 127±6 750W 112±6 78% ≥60 ≤20.5 ≥100 ≥80%


1. Open the package and take out drive unit accessories; And check the specification whether it is correct.

2. Fix the chain wheel on drive unit with 5pcs screw M5*10, then fix chain cover on chain wheel with 5pcs screws ST3.9.

3. Fix the drive unit axle tube on frame bottom bracket.

4. The surface with teeth of fixing plate towards inside, then fix the plate on drive unit with 2pcs M6*10.

5. Hold the drive unit near to bicycle fork, force less than 5kgs, tight 1st nut M33 onto axle tube with force : 30-40N.m.

6. Fix 2nd nut M33 onto axle tube, tightening force: 30-40N.m.

7. Fix the left crank on the bike with M8 inner hexagon screw. Tightening force: 35-40N.m.

8. Fix the right crank on the bike with M8 inner hexagon screw. Tightening force: 35-40N.m.

9. Connect all cables for battery, display, speed detecting sensor and so on.

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