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GutRad - Your Partner for Mobility - Pedicabs, Cargobikes, Heavy Duty Transport Bikes

trirota (lat. threewheels)

since 2004 we have been engaged to design modern tricycles for the usage of transportation for humans and loads transportation of different forms and types.

Our tricycles are usually both muscle strength and supportive powered by electricity from renewable energy sources.

Therefore we are talking about real environmentally compatible hybrid vehicles, which are based on electric bicycles (pedelecs) and according to EU instructions they are to be exempt from driving licences, insurances and other approvals.

Interruption of business until December 2021!

Due to the increasing costs of delivery and materials, we will stop shipping until 19. 12. 2021

The following is available to you during this period.

  • Ordering process

    The available products can be ordered. Products that are not available can be requested and more detailed delivery conditions are given.

  • Service

    We are happy to answer any questions you may have via e-mail via our contact form.

  • Repair

    Repair orders are not currently possible, therefore no goods are accepted.


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  1. VeloScout
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    Unser VeloScout, verkörpert die konventionelle Form der klassischen Rikscha und bietet Ihnen durch einfachstes Wechseln der Module verschiedenste Einsatzmöglichkeiten.

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